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KuneKunes for sale in Virginia North Carolina Tennesse East Coast


Red Roof KuneKunes embraces the value of the KuneKune ​as a multi purpose pig.

Caroline & Mike Malott offer AKKPS Registered KuneKunes for sale in Virginia & ship throughout the USA.

Red Roof KuneKunes has been an AKKPS KuneKune breeder since 2013.

Please feel free to reach out to us via phone, text or email if you have questions!

We love talking KuneKunes!

Caroline & Mike Malott

434.660.5154 cell

434.316.9120 landline

[email protected]

[email protected]

KuneKune Pigs For Sale A Breeder in Virginia

Red Rood KuneKunes

An AKKPS KuneKune Breeder in VA selling quality Multi Purpose KuneKune Pigs


An AKKPS KuneKune Breeder In Virginia

Caroline Malott

Red Roof KuneKune Pigs

Red Roof KuneKunes

KuneKune Mentor and Breeder in Virginia

Mike Malott

Red Roof KuneKune Pigs

Welcome to Red Roof KuneKunes!  I am Caroline Malott.  My husband Mike and I live in Lynchburg Virginia on a 6 acre farm called Red Roof KuneKunes.   Red Roof KuneKunes has been in business since 2013 raising registered AKKPS KuneKune Pigs.  We have 3 children - Sam(29) Janie (26) Jack (19) and 3 grandchildren - Riley (3) Lily-Ann (1) Wal (8 months).   Mike and I are the perfect team!  We have been together since middle school and at 50 years old are still going strong!  I grew up on a working farm and have a strong love for animals although some might call it an obsession lol.  Mike has always been the hardest worker that I have ever met and can accomplish an insane amount in one day without ever being asked or given a to do list.  Our two personalities coupled together make the ideal team to raise and breed KuneKune Pigs.  We most definitely compliment each other and make a great team!  It is not always sunshine and rainbows but we have fun on this venture together raising KuneKunes at Red Roof KuneKunes!




KuneKune Breeder in Virginia Mentor

Red Roof KuneKune Mentoring

Mentoring Kids

A KuneKune Breeder selling KuneKunes in VA

Red Roof KuneKune Breeder in VA

KuneKune Mentor

Red Roof KuneKune Mentoring

Mentoring Kids

Red Roof KuneKunes offers a mentoring service that begins the minute a client puts a deposit on a Red Roof KuneKune pig.   I am available to my clients 24/7/365 via phone, text, email or FaceTime.  I can not tell you how many times I have answered the phone in the middle of the night to help a client with a sick pig or a pig farrowing.  Mentoring includes everything from helping design a farm set up, items to readily have on hand, registering AKKPS KuneKunes, bouncing ideas back & forth, nutrition and so much more.  Red Roof KuneKunes also offers a Client Only password protected page on the website that contains valuable information reserved for Red Roof KuneKune clients.  I often mentor clients where I need to step out of my norm and work within the margins of my clients parameters and goals.  Tailoring KuneKune programs is fun and rewarding and I am constantly learning as well during the process.   Many of my clients who I have mentored have become life long friends and many conversations start off discussing KuneKunes and end on a totally different subject.  When I started out in 2013 I was very fortunate to have Kathy Petersen of Virginia KuneKunes mentor me.  Since then that mentor relationship with Kathy Peterson has developed into a life long friendship that is not limited to KuneKunes. Mentoring is definitely my passion and one of the top reasons Red Roof KuneKunes raises and breeds KuneKune Pigs.


KuneKune shelters housing KuneKune Breeder

Red Roof KuneKunes

Barns & Shelters

KuneKune shelters and housing

Red Roof KuneKunes

Farrowing Barn

Red Roof KuneKunes is located in Central Virginia in what is known as The Seven Hills.  We have 14 Sows & Gilts and 6 Boars all of multiple KuneKune blood lines allowing for the sale of unrelated mini KuneKune herds.  On our 6 acres, Red Roof KuneKunes has a large sow field, 7 seperate boar fields, 5 farrowing quarters, 3 weanling areas and a 1 quarantine area.  

Each farrowing quarter has:

  • 10x10 stall with crush rails and a creep area with safety heat lamps
  • separate outside area attached to the farrowing stall
  • multiple fans
  • propane heat
  • Safety Heat Lamps
  • Carbon Fiber Heaters
  • WiFi Cameras
  • Multiple Windows

Every field at Red Roof KuneKunes has its own shelters, a mud wallow and plenty of shade.

Red Roof KuneKunes ground feeds and supplies fresh water at a minimum twice a day.

All feed is kept in a separate closed feed barn to ensure feed is kept free of the outdoor elements.  All hay is kept under roof.


Red Roof KuneKunes is an AKKPS KuneKune breeder and only sells registered AKKPS - American KuneKune Pig Society -KuneKunes.  I believe strongly in the value of registered KuneKunes.   I have served on the Board of Directors for AKKPS for almost 5 years and currently have the honor of serving the AKKPS Members as their President.  AKKPS Registered KuneKunes with full registration papers are parentage DNA tested from the imported KuneKune forward.  Permanent identification (microchip, ear tag or tattoo) is required for all AKKPS registrations.  Only the breeder and owner of a litter of KuneKunes can register the litter.  In addition, the breeder must own the AKKPS registered sow and the boar must be AKKPS registered.   The link below is an article I wrote which dives deeper into registering KuneKunes.  I am a member of EKPA - Empire KuneKune Pig Association.  EKPA is not a KuneKune registry but an incredible outlet for KuneKune husbandry as well as a show outlet that AKKPS has recently sanctioned and is most definitely well worth joining.


BY: Caroline Malott of Red Roof KuneKunes



CONTACT  Caroline Malo​tt at Red Roof KuneKunes

An AKKPS KuneKune Breeder Since 2013 Offering Quality KuneKune Pigs For Sale in Virginia & throughout the USA.

Please let me know where you live so that I can be prepared!
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